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The acceptance of products needs to be done as soon as the sublicense and certification agreement between the grower/the cooperative and the Certification Body is signed. According to the General Regulations Part I.4.3.b. "The registration and acceptance process must be finalized before the inspection can take place". If not, the Certification Body will receive a Warning that counts as an incomplete database entry. Please, see the Warning Sanctions defined in the General Regulations Part III.9.3.1.b.iii.

Quick check

  • The date of acceptance needs to be before the audit date.
  • First the group´s product has to be accepted.
  • There must be at least one first harvest quantity of the product accepted at first.
  • An option 1 product of a producer or a group has to be accepted with the Certification Body.
  • An option 2 product of a producer group has to be accepted with the Certification Body.
  • An option 2 product of a producer has to be accepted with the producer group (this applies also for GRASP - GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice).
  • The selected scheme of the producer group and the group members has to be the same.

For product acceptance, please, see the Product upload in this wiki.

In order to accept products online, please, go to Acceptance in Affiliation. Search the companies whose products you would like to accept. The current day is always preselected as the date of acceptance. Mark the check box for all the products to be accepted. You may change the date of acceptance to a date in the past. Please, confirm with Execute acceptance.jpg and reconfirm. After a successful acceptance the red flag Not conf.jpg is changed to a green flag Accepted.jpg in the current cycle. If a product has only been accepted for an existing next cylce, the red flag Not conf.jpg stays.

Accept 1.png


You may check the cycles in the mouseover text linked with the product.


All changes related to product data are saved in the product history. You can enter the product history by clicking on the product´s name.

Accept history.jpg