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CBL, the Dutch Food Retail Association (CBL) representing the food retailers and foodservice companies in The Netherlands, has formulated sustainability criteria for the generic pork and poultry meat assortment for the Dutch market. Because of the international approach, CBL has selected GLOBALG.A.P. as a cooperation partner for its “Sustainable Meat Initiative”.

The “Sustainable Meat Initiative” scheme is built on three pillars, which are all based on private standards and in particular GLOBALG.A.P. on farm level:

- Animal Health/Human Health: No human antibiotics and controlled reduction of antibiotics - Environment - Animal Welfare

Requirements developed under the “Sustainable Meat Initiative” will be incorporated in the Integrated Chain Control (IKB) scheme for pig, which has successfully completed its re-benchmarking process for GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Version 4, and in future in the IKB scheme for poultry. These additional requirements will be managed by GLOBALG.A.P. and handled as visible add-ons to a GLOBALG.A.P. level certificate. The status of each IKB farmer will be published on the GLOBALG.A.P. website.

CBL has also established a production certification standard for meat processing named “CBL Chain of Custody” and offers a voluntary business-to-business certification program for meat processors/ slaughterhouses having the objective to improve standards in the food processing and to ensure traceability of the whole supply chain in one system. Within this certification program, CBL has approved various certification bodies and may approve other such bodies in future to audit meat processors/slaughterhouses interested in a certification and to verify their compliance of CBL's certification requirements and CBL standards. Those CBs are entitled to grant CBL's Chain of Custody certification and register the certified meat processor/slaughterhouse in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database.

How to manage CBL companies in the GLOBALG.A.P. database

The process is basically the same as for the IFA standard.

Step 1

Please register a company with a GGN. How to do it, is described here: producer/producer group registration.

Step 2

Please add a product Pork to this GGN. How to add a product is described here: Manage products

Your screen will be showing a picture as below:

Cbl 1.png

After the product is chosen, please choose a standard in the drop down menu and add the meat livestock quantities:

Cbl 2.png

Cbl 3.png

Cbl 4.png

After these steps are completed, please save the changes with the help of Execute Manage products button at the bottom of the page and confirm your changes with YES.

Step 3

You need now to accept the product Pork. How to accept a product, please read here Accept products

As a result, you will see a green flag near the product as below:

Cbl 5.png

Step 4

Before you certify, please check the assignment of the CBL standard to the CB-Committee and to the CB-Auditor or CB-Inspector. How to do this, is described here: Masterdata. Please make sure that the assignment is done before the date of audit.

Now everything is ready for the certification. How to certify is described here: Certification and sanctions

After you have entered all the relevant certification information as below:

Cbl 6.png

You can confirm the changes with YES and the screen will look like below:

Cbl 7.png

You have certified the company for pork.