Creating a New Cycle

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Please note that creating a new cycle should not be done on a regular basis (GRI 6.7.1 f) (ii)) but is exceptionally used and only allowed to be able to comply with the rules of inspection timing (Crops Rules 4.1.2)

CBs shall keep record with a justification when changing cycles.

I. Create a new cycle via extension

If you wish to create a new cycle for a product where the difference lies no longer than 4 months in the future from the current cycle, the extension procedure would be the solution. For this please go to Certification > Certification Extension. More information please see Extension of Certificate . Once done please contact the Customer Support for deaccepting IFA to create a new cycle. Thereupon you can proceed with accepting and assessing the product again as usual.

In order to be able to enter an extension the product has to be reaccepted.

Example below: valid to is/was until 24.09.2019 therefore reaccepting with a date prior to 24.09.2019 is necessary in order to be able to proceed with the extension.

1.alignment new cycle extension.png

1-Extend the certificate for example until 20.1.2020 2-Once you have done the Audit and the certification decision contact us 3-We will deaccept the products in order to create a new cycle 4- then you can accept and certify again. The Cycle will run from the day of DOCD 12months minus 1 day.

Please note that with step 1) + 4), Reg and Cert fees will be invoiced.

II. Create a new cycle by shortening the valid to

When the cycle should start/end earlier than the current cycle, it will be necessary to shorten the validity of the cycle. The validity of the cycle may be amended by the CB by changing the “Valid to” date to the date when the IFA certificate should expire. Once the certificate expires you can proceed with accepting and certifying the new cycle. The new cycle will receive the same valid to, to which the current/previous certificate has been shortened.

2.shortening - new cycle.png

Example above: Current cycle runs from 25.09.2018 – 24.09.2019. However, the new cycle should run from July to July. The valid to would have to be amended to a date in July e.g. 01.07.2019. Once amended a new cycle will be generated once the next cycle is accepted. Example: Acceptance date prior to Audit date, Audit date: 20.04.2019 DOCD:10.05.2019 – the new cycle will not start from the DOCD but immediately after the valid to meaning on the 02.07.2019 until 01.7.2020.

When extension is not possible because IFA is longer than 4 months (see I.) and shortening the Add-On to the IFA cycle (see II.) is not approved by the customer, a gap would be consequently inevitable in order to create the favored cycle.

For special cases please contact customer support.