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2011 we have introduced a new accounting system. The invoices issued in 2011 are not anymore uploaded in the CB Extranet. The invoicing feature visualises the details of the billing run. This enables the user to trace the calculation. Upon selecting the invoicing button the following screen appears:


If you select Inv.jpg , you can download all fees charged in the respective month in one Excel-list (all clients included in a billing run).

The fees are invoiced according to the General GLOBALG.A.P. Fee Table. They are triggered by the following actions in the database:

  • Product acceptance (DoA): triggers the registration fee
  • Product certification (DoCD): triggers the certificate license fee

In the case of recertification the fee is triggered with the beginning of a new cycle that shall be first reaccepted in the database. Please note that if quantities change, the registration of the product needs to be updated. If there is no product in a certain category any more (for example "covered crops" or "broodstock") the quantity needs to be set back to "0". By clicking on Plus.jpg the corresponding billing run will be shown in detail (certificate license fee, registration fee, GRASP assessment fee):


If you select Loupe.jpg you will be able to see your clients included in the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification, Registration and GRASP Assessments. All fee categories will appear on a single invoice (see below the certificate license fee).


In case of first acceptance, first certification or if a cycle has already run out, the registration and the certificate license fee is triggered and invoiced immediately.

In case of reacceptance and recertification (while the valid cycle is still running) the fees are invoiced only with the beginning of the new cycle.

Please, note, if you extended a certificate, both the registration and the certificate licence fee will be charged.

In the time frame between reacceptance/recertification and the beginning of the new cycle the quantities can be changed, the registration fee will be recalculated. But once the cycle had begun and the certification fee was invoiced, only increased quantity will be recalculated and the total fee will be higher. Less quantity will not be credited as the higher amount was already certified.