Level of Performance for GLOBALG.A.P Farm Sustainability Assessment (GG FSA)

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In order to enable a better transparency on the marketplace and for the automated generation of the online certificates, there is a product attribute for the GG-FSA-Assessment called 'Level of Performance'.

The levels are: 2 = Not yet Bronze 3 = Bronze 4 = Silver 5 = Gold

It can be changed as any other product attribute like Product Handling via a drop-down menu or via the Excel Product Upload Sheet. The main difference is in its calculation which shall be done before setting the attribute.

Please find more details on the calculation and examples in the GG-FSA Specification Rules.

I. Setting the level via upload

Please use the rows 'level_of_performance_producer' for a producer (option 1 or 2) and 'level_of_performance_pg' for the Level of Performance of a ProducerGroup in option 1. For products of a ProducerGroup in option 1, please use 'level_of_performance_producer'. Please check the description inside the file. You can find the latest template here.

II. Setting the level manually

This can be done in Manage Products. For general guidance on Manage Products, please check our article here.

1. Please select the corresponding level.

Fsa selct.png

2. Please click on 'Execute' on the very bottom of the page. You can combine it with other work you have to do in Manage Products.

Fsa confirm.png

3. Click 'Yes' in that screen above if everything is correct.

4. If you receive an error message, please contact Customer Support. If the next screen shows a confirmation screen, please press continue.

5. If needed, you can double check in the Database Search if the attributes are shown as expected.

III. Is there a Checklist needed?

GG FSA does not require the upload of a Checklist. Instead, please upload the Letter of Attestation into the Database. As there is no special queue for this, please upload this Letter under the icon 'Checklist'. If a producer has multiple products under GG FSA, it is enough to upload the Letter of Attestation to only one of those products.