Localg.a.p. North America

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localg.a.p. North America FV is the localg.a.p. standard which is applicable in United States of America, Canada, Mexico and Latin America on USA-based retailer request. Localg.a.p. North America has two levels: foundation level and intermediate level for the scope Fruit and Vegetables. To be able to add the grower's products under this standard, you will need to choose his products under localg.a.p. North America in Affiliation >> Manage products:

Lg NA.png

After having added the products and chosen the localg.a.p. NA, please save the changes by clicking on Execute.png and confirm them with YES.

As soon as this step is completed, the management of the localg.a.p. NA growers in the database works the same way as for the localg.a.p. standard.