Managing option 2

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If you certify a producer group, there are several steps to follow:

1. Please add the corresponding products under the group GGN in Manage products; please choose your CB under CB/PG.

Man pr 1.png

If you work with the upload sheet, please enter only for a group GGN the o-key of your CB into the column F of the product upload sheet (you find the o-key in the database on the bottom of the page when you are logged-in).

2. As soon as it is done, please add the products to the option 2 group members. Please choose the group under CB/PG for these members.

This way they will be linked to the group. If you work with an upload sheet, please enter the o-key of a producer group for the group members (the o-key of the group can be found under Manage products).

Prod cbpg.png

3. As soon as the products are added for the option 2 members and the growers are linked in this way to the group, you can proceed with Accept products of the group and of the members.

4. As a last step please certify the products of the group. The members do not get the Product status certified as they are not the certificate holders, but the group. The members’ products remain in the Product status accepted.

Please note as soon as the group products are certified and new group members are going to join the group, when accepted, they will be automatically added to a group certificate.

You can’t accept them before they are inspected and the certification decision is taken (only if the number of the new producer doesn't exceed 10% of the total number of the producers or the area of the newly registered farms doesn't exceed 10% of the total group area; in this case you can add them immediately to the group certificate, i.e. accept their products – please refer to GR Part II 1.11)

Extension of a group certificate

If you would like to extend a group certificate, you need to complete 2 steps:

1. Please go to Certification >> Extension and extend the certificate under the group GGN (please check the article Certification and sanctions)

2. Please re-accept (accept with a date within the previous cycle) the products of the option 2 producers so that they appear on the online certificate.