Modification of existing cycles

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This chapter explains the modification of existing cycles in the database. In order to modify any data of active cycles in the database the role CB-Committee-Modification has to be assigned to the CB employee in Masterdata. The role can be assigned by the CB-Executive only to employees that already have the role CB-Committee.

Cb com.jpg

Certification Modification

The Certification modification is to find in Certification > Certification Modification. It allows modification of all data that is entered during the certification, in detail:

  • Produce Handling
  • Harvest

Please, note: Product data changes will only be saved, if the checkbox for the affected cycle has been marked.

Cert modi 1.png

After modification the changes have to be confirmed by clicking on Execute modifications.jpg. A short summary of the entered changes will be displayed and should be confirmed as well to execute the changes. Modification of a valid to date can be used to end or shorten a certification.

Warning: All changes are executed immediately and may affect the Invoicing.