Packhouse add-on for localg.a.p. South Africa

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The Pack-house Add-on is required by Freshmark as part of the South African localg.a.p. program for Fruit and Vegetables. It contains additional requirements in terms of Food Safety, Corrective Action Systems, Hygiene Requirements, Recall Management, Harvesting and Produce Handling.

The Packhouse Add-on is applicable for all suppliers doing pre-packing of products into punnets, bags and other Freshmark branded products; processing excluded.

The Packhouse Add-on is required for all applicable producers (new or existing) on both the Foundation and Intermediate Levels.

Managing this add-on in the database is very similar to the IFA standard.

1. please go to Affiliation >> Manage products and add corresponding products under Packhouse add-on as on the screenshot below:

Ph 1.png

After you have added (a) product(s), you will need to enter a CB/PG value, the number of packhouses, the packhouse version and the option:

Ph 2.png

After this is done, please click on Execute mp.png and confirm with YES.

2. the next step is the Acceptance of the added products. Please see the article Accept products.

3. after the acceptance step is completed, please go to Certification. The procedure to follow is described in the article Certification and sanctions.

You need to enter the auditor and the date of audit and tick the corresponding cycle box. After this step is completed, the products will get the status Assessed.jpg.

4. the checklists can be uploaded under Checklists >> Checklist upload. Please make sure to choose the packhouse add-on scheme standard, scheme version as well as a GGN of a producer, a product, a cycle and a document type you are going to upload. This Scheme Version requires an upload of .xls or .xlsx files.

CL packhouse.png

The packhouse add-on is visible to Freshmark like this:

Ph search.png