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Quick check

To manage online and via upload

  • Enter organisation name
  • Enter company address
  • Enter CB registration number

To manage only online

  • Enter GLN (replacing GGN)
  • Enter Production Management Unit(s) (PMUs)
  • Enter sub-GLN(s)
  • Enter iCiX OrgID

Data release - data visibility in search:

  • Change data access for the company data
  • Change data access for the product data

To manage only via upload

  • Change data of the responsible person

Masterdata modification online

When selecting Masterdata and Producer/Producer Group every Trustee-Certification Body has an overview of its own clients. They can be searched by GGN, product, country, scheme etc. and selected with the Green square.jpg button.

Masterdata pg.png

There every information can be changed: organisation (company) name, address, CB registration number or the Global Location Number (GLN). If a GLN is saved for a producer, this GLN will replace the GGN. It is possible to look up the producer in the public search both with the GGN and the newly entered GLN - once the change has been saved in Masterdata.

Important notice: since the launch of IFA v 5, it is obligatory to enter the geospacial coordinates for the producers while registering them. At the moment you can enter them in the format longitude/latitude (DMS: degrees, minutes, seconds). The values for minutes and seconds shall be less than 60 as the format required by the database is based on sexagesimal numeral system with 60 as its base.

The valid values for langtitude are:


"12 34 56", "12° 34′ 56″", "12°34′56″ ", "12°34'56" ", "12° 34' 45" "

for longtitude:


"12 34 56", "12° 34′ 56″", "12°34′56″ ", "12°34'56" ", "12° 34' 45" "

Please note that filling in the geospacial coordinates into the producer upload sheet requires the following format: 12 34 56 (without degree, minutes and seconds signs)

Pg masterdata edit.png

Please, note: Masterdata contains the individual clients´ information: so for producer group members the name and the address of the producer group member has to be entered (not that of the cooperative). The group and the group members cannot have the same name.

Furthermore currently the responsible person data cannot be changed online - this can be done only via upload. For this a producer upload sheet has to be filled in with mode 2 in order to change the relevant data as described in Producer/producer group registration/deregistration via upload.

Masterdata modification via upload

How to modify producer/producer groups masterdata via upload by using mode 2, please, see Producer/producer group registration/deregistration via upload.

Production Management Unit: GLN

In order to register Production Management Units (PMU) the producer/producer group has to be selected in Masterdata. By clicking on Production Management Units at the bottom of the page all already registered PMUs appear. For registering new ones, Add Production Management Units has to be selected.


In the following page details of the new PMU have to be completed, the same obligatory fiels as during the online producer/producer group registration.

Access rights to producer and product data

For every data access group there is a minimum level of data access, this level cannot be lower, only higher. Furthermore now there is a differentiation of producer and product data: Producer data covers all data described in GLOBALG.A.P. General Regulations Part I, Annex 2, 9.1 –, product data cover all data described in the GLOBALG.A.P. General Regulations Part I, Annex 2, 9.1.3 – 9.1.4.

GLOBALG.A.P. and the Trustee-Certification Body and/or Farm Assurer ([Trustee-Masterdata]) that the producer or producer group is working with may use data provided in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database for internal administrative purposes according to the General Regulations. GLOBALG.A.P. may use producer and product data, in an anonymous fashion, for statistical surveys and publications. Utilization of the producer or product data other than that is mentioned above is strictly prohibited.

During initial producer registration the initial data access levels need to be set (0 or 1) as described in Producer/producer group registration and Producer/producer group registration/deregistration via upload. This implies default settings for different data access groups and described below. Also the quantity information per product can be visible for specified users.

In Masterdata the button Green star.jpg will lead you to the access rights. Please, first enter the GGN, the name and/or any other details and search the producer/group.

Access rights.png

The access groups are (who is allowed to see which producer/product data):

  • Data access group: GLOBALG.A.P. Staff

This group represents individuals in the GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat, who have comprehensive data access. Only GLOBALG.A.P. staff who have signed confidentiality agreements will be assigned to this data access group.

  • Data access group: Market participant

This group represents companies or individuals, who trade with the certified product (buy and sell). These retailers or suppliers have an individual database login - access to Expert Search and Full Bookmarking. This data access (Bookmarking package) is included in the retailer or supplier membership. Other organisations purchase such a data access. Every user of the Market participant group has to sign a data privacy document, too.

  • Data access group: Certification Body / Trustee

This group represents all Trustee-Certification Bodies and Farm Assurers (Trustee of Masterdata), who have extended data access rights to their clients´ data in order to perform efficient registration and certification. Trustees and Certification Bodies are allowed to read and enter data in the database (in the screenshot Eurepgap).

  • Data access group: Public

To public belong all users without an authorized access. Based on the initial data access that was entered for the producer the name and the address are shown or not shown in the public search (0 or 1 as described in Producer/producer group registration). Product data (hectares) or checklist (for IFA not yet available) are not visible by default.

  • Data access group: The producer/producer group

Producer/producer group (in the screenshot Sun Ltd.) also have extended data access rights to their own data and are able to change access rights. They can grand extended right for example for their hectare data, if a trader is asking for them.

  • Data access group via O-Key: Single organizations

In addition to the groups defined above, all registered users of a single organization can be considered as a data access group. Producers have the option to grant each company or organization customized access rights.

For example: A producer might grant certain traders access to the own contact or product details, but other traders not. This trader has an authorized database access, is part of the Market participant access group, but the producer would like to show its quantity only for that one trader, not all market participants. The settings can be changed by the producer/producer group, by the Trustee-Certification Body or Farm Assurer (Trustee of Masterdata). First the trader has to be selected via O-Key and then all settings entered for this trader.

What do you need for this?

  • Producer/producer groups need a database login. Trustee-Certification Body or Farm Assurer (Trustee of Masterdata) can require this for the responsible employee at the customer support.
  • If the Trustee-Certification Body or Farm Assurer (Trustee of Masterdata) complete the changes, they check the Masterdata of the clients.
  • O-Key: this can be submitted by the trader itself, the producer and/or the GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat.

First the access group or an organization has to be selected in Access Rights. Then the tab View company data shows the data access settings for the group or an organization.

Data access rights of the group Market participants:

AR company data.jpg

Data access rights of one organization searched by O-key:

AR O-key.jpg

Default settings are greyed out and shown for a GLOBALG.A.P. scheme version 3.1 and 4.0 in the first columns, the column Producer settings reflects the access rights the producer wants to grant. Finally in the last column What is visible shows the result of all changes for one access group or organization.

In order to change the visible product data in View product data the applicable scheme standard has to be selected, too.

AR product data.jpg

Currently the quantity (hectar) information can be released per product and per harvest (first or further). IFA checklists and reports are not yet available.

Have the changes been saved, they become effective immediately.