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Status check online

This status is linked with the producer or producer group and visible only in the tabs Producer/producer group registration or Producer/producer group deregistration. To check the producers/producer groups which can be registered, please go to Affiliation >> Registration Producer or Registration Producer group.

Reg producer.png

Only producers in the status not confirmed and registered can be registered by a Trustee-Masterdata.

Reg producer 2.png

Producer or producer group Transfer can only be done online by using these registration tabs!

The de-registration of producers can be done under Affiliation >> De-registration Producer.

De-reg pr.png

The de-registration of producer groups can be done under Affiliation >> De-registration Producer Group.

De-reg group.png

Only producers in the status registered and CB/PG Accepted can be deregistered by a Trustee-Masterdata as described in Producer/producer group registration & deregistration.

Status flow

Producer status is specified as not confirmed or registered, which can only be set by the Trustee-Masterdata and CB/PG Accepted or cancelled, which are linked with the decision of the CB-Committee.

The following chart highlights the status flow of the producer status options.

Producer status flow.jpg

As you see in the figure above the Trustee-Masterdata is mainly working on Producer/producer group registration or Producer/producer group deregistration. Only the Certification Body is allowed to change the product status to accepted, which is the trigger of the registration fee. As soon as the first product is accepted or reaccepted, the registration fee must be collected by the Trustee. Certification Bodies normally do have both roles: Trustee-Masterdata and CB-Committee.

Not confirmed

Producer status not confirmed is set only by the online Producer/producer group registration of companies in the database. In this case the producer is linked with the Trustee via RF-Key, but the Trustee-Masterdata still has to confirm this link. As soon as the Trustee-Masterdata registers the GGN online in the Registration tab, the producer status will be set to registered. This is the precondition in order to continue the certification process.

Producer registration flow.jpg


The producer status registered is the confirmed notification of a producer or producer group in the database. This status is set by the Trustee-Masterdata as described above, whom the registration fee will be invoiced by FoodPLUS after the product acceptance.

If the producer or producer group do not start (or continue) with certification (for any reason), the GGN stays registered. The Trustee-Masterdata can deregister the GGN in order to set the GGN to annulled. However, any other Trustee-Masterdata can register the producer or producer group in the database with its own organization.


If the GGN of a producer or producer group is annulled, there is no link with the Trustee anymore. This company GGN can be registered by every Trustee.

CB/PG Accepted

The producer status CB/PG Accepted is automatically set upon first product acceptance (Accept products or Product upload) by a certification body and triggers a product cycle. If the product of this producer is not reaccepted and the product cycle has run out, the producer status changes to registered.

Producer acceptance cycle.jpg


This producer status must be set in the cases as described in the current GR Part I 6.4.3. [1]

For setting this status, please contact Customer support team. Please note that it is crucial to suspend the products of a producer in this case, as the suspension is visible in the public search in our database and the cancellation - not. The grower who got the status Cancelled, is not allowed to be GG certified for the next 12 months starting from the day of cancellation.