SA Livestock G.A.P.

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SA livestock G.A.P. is implemented in the database the same way as localg.a.p.

Please choose SA Livestock G.A.P. under Manage products:

Sa 1.png

To be able to add the products under this standard please click on Plus.png near the corresponding module:

Sa 2.png

Under CB/PG and Scheme you can choose your Certification body and the scheme version of the standard: SA Livestock G.A.P.v1. as well as the audited area quantity.

After this is done, the procedure of certifying the client is the same as for localg.a.p..

To upload the checklist for SA Livestock G.A.P. please choose the scheme standard, the scheme version and enter the GGN of your client, you are uploading the checklist for:

Sa cl.png

Please choose here also the product, the cycle of the product and the type of the document you would like to upload.