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You can find the documentation here:
You can find the documentation here:

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GLOBALG.A.P. Audit Service

The portal for Online Checklists and Audits allows the certification bodies to fill out checklists and audit reports online. This facilitates the compatibility and can speed up the process.

The service started with FSMA and option 1 only. From March 2020 on, IFA 5.2 and the option 2 are available. Using the GLOBALG.A.P. Audit Online for IFA checklists will become mandatory from 13.11.2020 on.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions to increase the functionality, please submit your feedback with the title ‘Feedback Audit Onilne’ to [1]. The title will help us to gather the feedback. Thank you for your cooperation!

The portal is available here: https://audit.globalgap.org Access to the LIVE Version will be granted from 09.04.2020 (if not already done) with the approbiate Schemes and Checklits automatically. Sending an extra request is not necessary. If your invitation link has expired, please contact CB-Admin.

There is also a TEST version: https://pre-audit.globalgap.org For access to this TEST version, please contact Customer Support.

When contacting us, please indicate for which version you want to be unlocked. We will send out an invitation mail to one user and unlock the Checklists. Checklists are similar to Schemes in the Database. So on the LIVE system, we will grant access to the Schemes, Scopes and Subscopes your Certification Body is approved for.

Similar to the Database, the one starting user has all necessary rights to open up new accounts for his company.

Please chose a strong password. Any changes done by your user name are your responsibility. Therefore we kindly ask you to take this seriously.

Please note that the accesses for users have some important differences to the GLOBALG.A.P. Database:

1. The user names from the Database are not automatically used. Instead, the user name is your mail address.

2. There is no direct linkup to the Database. This means your users are not transferred from the Database.

3. Auditors and Scheme Managers will both be able to get a new password without help of GLOBALG.A.P. This saves a lot of time. Please use the link ‘I forgot my password’ on the login page: https://audit.globalgap.org OR https://pre-audit.globalgap.org

Please remember that access to one of both systems does not unlock you automatically on the other. This only resets passwords on existing users (invited by GLOBALG.A.P. as Scheme Managers or created by the Scheme Manager). It does not work to create new logins.

You can change the language to Spanish in the corner on the very right bottom of the page.

Good to know in advance:

1. Every icon will show what it does when the mouse button is over it.

Ggas mouseover.png

2. Google Maps may not allow you to select a place on the map correctly. In these cases, please just click somewhere nearby and correct the address manually. This is the case when setting up your certification body as well as for producers.

Once logged in, you will view three possibilities to start:

Ggas overview01.png

Adding new users

Scheme Managers can add new users. Please go to the top right of the page:

Ggas scheme manager.jpg

Then the Scheme Manager will first view his own profile including options to change e. g. password and mail address. On the right side, there is a small green icon 'Invite new user' which you can also spot on the screenshot below.

Ggas scheme manager invite.jpeg

You can then enter all details like names, roles and set the language to English or Spanish.

Ggas user invitation.jpeg

If you click on 'Send Invitation' the new user will get an invitation link to finish his registration.


The Scheme Manager or qualified auditors can edit and publish their own templates for the certification body. The templates can save time when filled out later. There are also templates provided by GLOBALG.A.P for the Scheme Standards, Scopes and Subscopes that you have been unlocked for.

You can also provide answers in the Checklist template if the answer is in most cases the same. However, the answers must still be correct in every case.

With introduction of option 2 in March 2020, QMS Checklists are available as well if your Certification Body audits producer groups as well.

You can in this view edit existing templates. You can also delete templates that are no longer necessary.

Ggas checklists03.png

In case you have many checklist templates available, you can search by name or filter via Module (=Subscope) or Standard (please enter 3 or more character to start the search). Please note that if the search does not seem to work, continue by clicking on ‘Filter’ to continue.

You can of course also create a new checklist template. Please note: The user login needs the role ‘Checklist Administrator’ to do this. The Scheme Manager can add this role if needed.

Please use the button ‘Create checklist’ in the upper right corner. A new window will open. You can enter three information here:

1. Name of the checklist template

2. (Internal) Version of the template

3. Description

4. Now you can either:

a. ‘Create checklist from another checklist’ (use an existing template which will then not be overwritten, but modified)

b. Or create a completely new template.

i. Please click 'Next' when you have finished the information. You will come to a window to choose the standards. Multiple standards can be combined to form your template.

ii. Next step: Please choose the modules (SubScopes)

iii. After the Modules are chosen, please click ‘Create checklist’ and your new template is ready.

Ggas createchecklist.png

Ggas createchecklist2.png

Using a checklist offline: Excel template

Ggas Excel.png

If you want to have an excel file to use as checklist (offline), you can click on the button in the upper right corner.

'You are about to download an Excel template to complete the audit. Do you wish to continue?' If you have chosen the right checklist, please click 'Yes'.

The downloaded file can be used offline. Please remember to save your work. Instructions can be found directly in the file.

Please do not delete any rows or change any other column than I: Answer and J: Justification. Otherwise the file may not be accepted by the Audit Online or the answers may not be registered correctly.

You can upload the template within an 'Audit'. Please refer to the section: Entering audit details after 'New audit' (There is an upload button in the Audit.)

Edit checklist

Please note that this function changes the template, so it should not be used by auditors to upload the data for a specific client. But if you need e. g. to customize criteria or set some values (not possible for Major Musts) to ‘not applicable’ (N/A).

Ggas editchecklist01.png

Ggas editchecklist02.png

You can quickly expand or hide all criteria or all criteria of a specific subset of criteria with ‘Show/Hide All Compliance Criteria’. Please note the icons on the right. They offer the possibility to expand/hide the subsets (icon looking like a list) or to enter values YES, NO, N/A for a subset of criteria (icon that looks like three people).

Audit reports

Ggas auditreports overview.png

Here you can look up lists that have been saved under ‘Audit reports.’

You can select and unselect GGN. You can use several filters to find your clients.

You can select or unselect Producers, Group members (of an option 2) and Producer groups. You can as well filter by the audit dates (Date start / Date end).

Please click on 'More filters' to expand the view. Then you can search/filter by Company name, GGN, the inspector, the used modules (Scopes/Subscopes) and the Standards. Just click in the cell and start typing. At least 3 characters are needed before the system starts to search.

Ggas wiki company.png

Click on the green 'Filter' icon to start your search.

On the right, you can access ‘New Audit’ Ggas icon newaudit.png (which is on the main page as well) to create a new audit report. Please note that the user needs the role ‘Assessor’ to do this.

The gear icon Ggas icon gear.png will allow you to customize your columns shown and its order. The cloud icon Ggas icon cloud.png will allow you to download reports you have selected with a tick in the box before each report.

The filter icon Ggas icon filter.png will allow you to apply filters. You can enter filters when clicking ‘More filters.’ Ggas icon morefilters.png

New audit

This can both be accessed from the main screen or from the ‘Audit reports.’

Ggas newaudit.png

Checklist: Please chose a checklist template from the drop-down menu. If it is not available, please contact your Scheme Manager or the person that is responsible for the templates.

Type the GGN: Please enter the GGN of the producer or producer group here.

Audited Company: Please enter the company name here (name of producer or producer group).

Certification Option: Chose the option that applies.

Country sites assessed are located: Please enter the country here. After you have entered 3 or more characters, the system will search for a country to choose.

Language that will be used to write the assessment notes: Currently only English and Spanish available after you have entered 3 or more characters.

Then click Create.

Entering audit details after 'New audit'

After the new audit is registered, a new page will open.


Ggas newaudit excel.png

In the upper right corner you will notice the buttons to Download an excel template. This will create a template as mentioned before in this article: 'Checklists' (please see above). But this download will download the current checklist from THIS audit. If you want to create your own template, please refer to 'Checklists'.

You can also upload the filled template here. Please make sure the template has been used correctly, so only the answers and justifications are given (no rows or lines deleted or overwritten).

Ggas newaudit overview.png

This site comes after you have created the audit report in the step before.

You can check Standard, GGN and the producer’s name in the top line.

Below the top line, you can change the status of the audit (here named assessment): 1. New: The default new status. 2. In progress: Audit in progress (date planned, audit going on) 3. Open CA: this means ‘open non-conformance’ and ‘corrective actions’ as their solution 4. Closed: Audit is closed, and the decision taken.

Company assessed

Please enter a contact person here. It should comply with the person you have entered in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database. The mail is also needed and should be the same. Leave the field empty if no mail is available.

You can enter the producer’s place directly via Google Maps. After you have clicked a point on the map, the window will close and take the longitude/latitude of that point. Entering a longitude or latitude manually directly into the system will not work.

Ggas googlemaps.png

Audit Team: Enter the auditor who has conducted the audit.

Assessment details: Please enter a start and end date of the audit(s) here. You can also take notes on the audit.

Ggas newaudit assessment.png

Please do not forget to save your work!

Standard (e. g. IFA, FSMA…)

Assessment type: Please enter the type of audit here by choosing from a drop-down menu. Please answer the questions in the ‘IFA Assessment details.’


Just start typing the name of the product. After 3 letters, suggestions will appear. You can click on them and they will appear as ‘boxes.’ Make sure you save later. The products need to be entered under every section which applies for them. This makes searching for a product ID and choosing from a huge list unnecessary.

Farm Assurer: Please answer the questions asked in this section.

PP/PO: Here the PP/PO should be entered. Also, his trade can be indicated if applicable (just entering products like in the section ‘products.’

Trade: Does the producer buy certified products from external sources? Please start by typing the product name, the system will suggest a product after 3 letters have been typed.

Sites assessed: Please register production sites here.

NC/CA: Non-compliances will automatically be shown here from the checklists.


Summary will show you how many questions are unanswered. Also, it will indicate how many Major Musts, Minor Musts and Recommendations are fulfilled or not.

Ggas summary.png


This is the heart of the app. You can fill the checklist here. Please note that this is only possible when connected to the internet. Saving data that is entered offline is possible with the excel upload, but not within the checklist in the browser.

If you need to save date when offline, our system offers an easy standardized link. If programming service companies want to offer you the possibility to save data offline, they can add it to your side of the system. For the communication between the programs, we use a programming standard with the name 'REST API'. Programmers will know how to handle this information.

You can find the documentation here: [2]

Ggas checklist filling.png

When connected to the internet, you can fill out the control points just as you would offline or on a paper list. You can enter multiple fields and save whenever you like.

Please not that this section only (Checklists) has an auto-save integrated, manual saving can be done at the end but is not necessary here between the steps.

Ggas criteria.png

You can show and hide all criteria points and filter for questions answered with Yes, No, N/A or unanswered ones.

Ggas show yes no.png

The flag can translate text to the language of the logged in user (English <-> Spanish). Please consider that this is done via Google Translate and is only for convenience. There is no way to guarantee that the translation is correctly done by Google translate.

On each control point, there is a small icon that looks like (three) people. This will allow you to fill in a whole subset of criteria points in bulk. This way you avoid clicking dozens of times the same ‘Yes’ if a producer is compliant to the whole subset.

The icon on each control points or its subsets that looks like a list offers the possibility to show and hide the control points of this subset.


You can upload relevant documents in this section or directly attach it to the corresponding control point.

Ggas documents.png

PDF & Send PDF

You can create and download a PDF under ‘PDF’. Or you can enter a mail address under ‘Send PDF’. This saves time as you don’t have to download it first and then upload it to your mail program.

Ggas pdf sendpdf.png

Copy audit

You can also copy this audit if needed.