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Manage products online

As soon as a producer or producer group is registered (producer status not confirmed or registered), the Trustee-Masterdata or the Trustee-Certification Body adds products or deletes existing products.

Manage products is to find online in Affiliation search the producer by entering a search criteria such as the GGN or the company name. Select the producer with the Green square.jpg button.

Manage pr 1.png

Then you will see the available scopes, sub-scopes the Certification Body is approved for, furthermore already saved products if available.

Manage pr 2.png

A product can be added with the Green plus.jpg button.

Manage pr 3.png

In the drop down menu all products are listed that are included in the product list of the respective sub-scope. After the product is selected (marked in blue), the quantity can be updated/entered for the current and/or next cycle. We consider the current vs next cycle always from the date of "today". Quantities can be changed online only here in Manage products. According to General Regulations version 4 product information for the next cycle can be updated 8 months before the certificate expires or the product cycle ends, otherwise the row of the next cycle is greyed. Currently this time frame of 8 months before (and the 4 months extension) is not yet implemented. For such requests, please, contact the GLOBALG.A.P. customer support.

Products can be deleted with the Delete.jpg button next to the product name.

Delete product.jpg

Please, note, if the product has an active cycle (accepted, certified) or is sanctioned, the product is going to be deleted automatically, as soon as the cycle has run out.

CB/PG selection: options

Select Certification Body or producer group (CB/PG) and scheme for the relevant cycle.

  • If a producer is an option 1 single producer, the product is linked with the Certification Body.
  • If a producer is an option 2 producer group member, the product is linked with the Producer group.

The option (1, 2, 3 or 4) is automatically set by the system.

In one case the option has to be checked and changed:

  • If a producer is an option 2 producer group, the product is linked with the Certification Body and option 2 needs to be selected.
  • If a producer is an option 1 producer group (with own products), the product is linked with the Certification Body and option 1 needs to be selected.

Please, note: During a valid cycle or a sanction the Certification Body or the producer group (so the option) cannot be changed!

Quantity: first and further harvest

In order to be able to continue with Acceptance, the quantity information is obligatory for the option 1 single producer and the option 2 producer group members. Quantity information has to be put in hectare.

If a producer group has its own fields, own produce of a product that is cultivated also by the producer group members, product quantity can be entered for the group´s product, too. However, this hectare quantity will not be charged.

There are four categories for quantity information:

Quantity info.jpg

  • Non-covered crops mean the unprotected crops (open air).
  • Covered crops mean the protected crops (e. g. greenhouse, shadow).

Producer Registration Fees are calculated based on the area registered under first harvest. For perennial crops, the area covered by the Producer Registration Fee is the areain production, i.e. juvenile,non-producing fruit trees are not subject to any fee. Likewise, in case of ornamentals like Christmas trees, the Producer Registration Feesonly apply to the area to be harvested during the year of validity of the certificate. In order to maintain information about the whole area under cultivation, the area in production and to be harvested shall be registered as “First Harvest”, and the non-producing area as “Further Harvest”.

  • First harvest quantity stands for the hectare quantity that is harvested first on the field and shall be certified, where crop rotation is applied.
  • Further harvest quantity is the hectare quantity for the same or a different crop that is harvested on the same field (rotation harvest).



A grower cultivates lettuce and melons in rotation on one field, 15 hectares.

First lettuce is planted and harvested and shall be certified = non-covered first harverst 15 ha

Afterwards melons are planted and harvested and shall be certified = non-covered further harvest: 15 ha


A grower cultivates tomatoes and cucumbers in rotation in the greenhouse, 22 hectares.

First tomatoes are harvested = covered first harvest 22 ha

Afterwards cucumbers are harvested twice and shall be certified = covered further harvest 22 ha x 22 ha = 44 ha.

Livestock and aquaculture quantities

new Quantities for poultry

we have introduced a new quantity field for the poultry module: Hatcheries in no.


Please refer to the current Fee Table reg. the prices.

In the livestock scope there is another quantity to enter: the meat livestock annual quantity in t. Please fill in this quantity.

Livestock quantity.jpg

The aquaculture scope is a special one, please check the chapter Managing the aquaculture scope.


Please, consider in any case which cycle is relevant for the update and which cycle is valid in that moment.

  • If the next cycle is greyed, it may be to early to update it, i. e. the current cycle expires within more than 8 months.
  • If any of the cycles is marked only with stars, then another Trustee-Masterdata or Certification Body is responsible for the update.
  • If a certificate extension shall be added and the certificate is valid, the next cycle shall be updated.
  • If a certificate extension shall be added and the certificate has already expired, the current cycle shall be updated.
  • If a new product shall be added to the current certificate, the current cycle shall be updated = scope extension.
  • If a new product shall be added to the next certificate, the next cycle shall be updated.

Countries of destination

Another product related detail, the countries of destination can be managed here, too. The products produced have to comply with the MRLs of these countries. In order to add the countries of destination, please select the Green star.jpg. Please, note that the country of the producer/producer group is preset as a country of destination and cannot be deleted.


Countries can be added by selecting them (here marked in blue) and using Arrow right.jpg or they can be deleted with Arrow left.jpg. All countries can be added with Double arrow right.jpg or deleted with Double arrow left.jpg.

Please, see special database requirements for the aquaculture scope in Managing the aquaculture scope.

Parallel production / parallel ownership

If parallel production and/or parallel ownership are applicable for the scheme version of a producer, they can be specified as product attributes and have to be set before accepting or certifying the product. The product attributes “Parallel Production (PP)” and/or “Parallel Ownership (PO)” can be edited by clicking on Attributes.jpg next to the product name. The product attributes can only be edited if you have selected a scheme version that allows product attributes beforehand.

Pp po2.jpg

Please remember to save your changes after accepting the attributes in Manage Products. “Parallel Production (PP)” and/or “Parallel Ownership (PO)” can alternatively be set using the Product upload.