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Plant Propagation Material (PPM) standard is not a separate standard any more since the launch of IFA v 5. PPM has become a subscope of IFA v 5. All F&V products have now a PPM duplicate product: e.g. potatoes and potatoes (PPM). All the PPM products have also separate products IDs which can be found as usually in the product upload sheet on our website [1]

You can add PPM products for a certain producer as usually under Manage products by choosing the products from a drop-down menu under a subscope Plant propagation material.

Step 1.

Ppm gen.png

Step 2.

Ppm new pr.png

Step 3.

Ppm final.png

All the other steps, needed for the certification, are the same as for IFA v 5 (please see the chapters accept products and certification and sanctions).

Please note that if you certify a producer for the 1st time against PPM v 5 and he has no IFA certificate, he will get a new cycle, not linked to a previous PPM v 2 cycle. If there exists already an IFA certificate, a PPM certificate which is entered later (than IFA) will get the validity as of an IFA certificate (the same rule as fo scope extension).